The project for the utilization of sewage sludge and water treatment

Wastewater treatment from pollutants and water treatment is one of the problems of modern urban development. In the world there is a fairly large number of enterprises using various technologies for water treatment.
When water is purified, a sufficiently large amount of sludge is generated from the purified water formed from impurities and pollutants. This sediment is a pollutant that adversely affects the environment.
Enterprises that carry out sewage treatment activities in a variety of ways solve the problem associated with the utilization of sludge. Some, they simply collect them in places of storage (silt fields), some burn, etc., and basically a solution to the sludge problem, is not investment-beneficial.
Our company has developed a technological solution that allows solving the problems of sludge accumulation and making its utilization commercially viable. Description of the project can be found on the page

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