The project for the utilization of sewage sludge and water treatment

Wastewater treatment from pollutants and water treatment is one of the problems of modern urban development. In the world there is a fairly large number of enterprises using various technologies for water treatment.
When water is purified, a sufficiently large amount of sludge is generated from the purified water formed from impurities and pollutants. This sediment is a pollutant that adversely affects the environment.
Enterprises that carry out sewage treatment activities in a variety of ways solve the problem associated with the utilization of sludge. Some, they simply collect them in places of storage (silt fields), some burn, etc., and basically a solution to the sludge problem, is not investment-beneficial.
Our company has developed a technological solution that allows solving the problems of sludge accumulation and making its utilization commercially viable. Description of the project can be found on the page

Description of raw materials and waste in the pictures, which can be processed (disposed)

ІПЕК in the framework of investment projects developed project of utilization towns and industrial plants. The project involves the creation of enterprises for processing (conversion) source of carbon-containing material is waste or low-fuel production, the energy or heat / electric energy.


The project involves a variety of organizational forms of its realization. So, to take part in the project may be involved as a national public organizations and institutions, including local governments, and a private individuals, investors, etc.
The project will use technology testing by company, and which allow to process a variety of raw materials into product with high-value to consumer.A prime example of the feedstock in pictures, you can see on the page

Investment project for processing of a waste of urban systems and industrial plants

ІПЕК under the work with investment projects developed a project for recycling urban waste and waste of industrial production. The project involves the creation of an enterprise (industrial plant) which will carry out the processing (conversion) of the original carbon-containing raw materials which is a industries waste or low-calorie fuel in the energy or heat / electric energy.
Industrial plant works in offline (autonomous) mode. Processing of raw materials in the energy (fuel) or other products, enables to receive economic effect, which makes a paid back period for project in 2-3 years.
The volume of investments and production capacity, essentially depends on the Client wishes. Read more about the project, in page